Learn Chinese by watching the best TV-shows with the zimu.ai browser extension.

Adaptive Subtitles

Our subtitles provide word segmentation, pinyin, best-in-class sentence translation and in-context translation for each word to help you learn faster.Gradually, you can hide words that you know or want to learn to keep yourself challenged. Export flashcards of the words you'd like to learn. Browse

Curated shows

Finding high quality Chinese content can be overwhelming. Check out our curated recommendations for the top shows loved by both natives and learners.Enjoy our unique selection of shows with adaptive subtitles made possible by our OCR extraction tool. Browse

Import your own shows (coming in future)

Can't find your favourite video or show in our selection?Import any online video or upload your own files that has soft or hard subtitles using our AI subtitle extraction tool.(Will be available to Patreon supporters)

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